OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs iCloud In 2022
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OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs iCloud In 2022

OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs iCloud In 2022

Choosing the Best Cloud Storage These days, cloud storage is one of the most essential tools that are used by a large number of people. 

There are three main types of cloud storage that are available and most people use cloud storage services for saving their important files. OneDrive Google Drive Dropbox Now, let’s talk about the features of each cloud storage service.

There are many cloud services used by most people. You might be a dedicated Apple fan when it comes to your devices, but you’re more than likely also using other cloud-based services for email, document, and photo backups, or maybe even Dropbox, for similar reasons.

It can get a bit confusing if you’re new to putting your stuff in the cloud or a seasoned cloud-saver, but it’s not uncommon for people to have a hybrid cloud workflow. There are an infinite number of cloud choices out there, but the most common ones for consumers are Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Each service has its own set of features, along with a variety of storage plans at different price points. To help you better understand which service offers the most storage for the least amount of money, which offers the best multi-platform support, or which has all the features you need, we’ve done all of the above.

OneDrive This is the most popular cloud storage service available today. OneDrive is the official cloud storage service of Microsoft, and it was launched in

OneDrive is available on both Windows and Android devices and you can save all your files in OneDrive.

Google Drive It is also a cloud storage service, and it is available on both Android and iOS devices. Google Drive is one of the most advanced cloud storage solutions available today. Google Drive offers a lot of free storage space and you can save all your files in Google Drive.

Dropbox is another cloud storage service that is very famous. Dropbox is the only cloud storage service that is available on both iOS and Android devices. Dropbox is very simple to use and you can easily save all your files in Dropbox.

iCloud is one of the most advanced cloud storage solutions that are available today. It is only available for iPhone users and you can store your files in the iCloud. iCloud is a very safe and secure cloud storage solution and you can access all your files and folders anytime.

Which Cloud Storage Service Is Right For You

Apple iCloud

If you are exclusive to Apple, Apple’s cloud service is the best option. All of your data, including calendar, notes, photos, and iWorks documents, can be accessed instantly when it’s activated on all of your devices. From your Mac desktop, you can move files to your iCloud Drive for seamless access on all of your devices.

There is an option to access your files from the internet. If you’re a Windows 10 PC or android user, you can still go to the web to find your stuff, even if you’re not a Windows 10 PC user. It’s our opinion that the iCloud experience is the best option for Apple device users.

Google Drive (Google One)

It is possible to use the drive on both Chromebooks and Android devices. It’s also a great option for users of the iPhone who want a clean photo storage experience, as well as students and professionals who use the services of the company. With support for real-time collaboration, it gives you a generous 15GB free and unlimited free storage for your files. It goes up to 10 times that amount.

There is a limit of five family members on the consumer storage plans of the new “Google One” service. The real perk is free storage of photos up to 16 megapixels in size from your mobile device – including iPhone and iPad – through the Google Photos app, which auto backs up photos to Google Drive.

You can have unlimited free storage of videos in high definition. Many users have reported that uploads are very slow, especially if there is a folder of larger files.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you’re a Windows 10 PC user or an Office365 subscriber, you’ll probably notice a pattern here, but if you’re not a Windows 10 PC user or an Office365 subscriber, One Drive is the obvious choice for you. First of all, it’s a bargain, as it is included in an Office365 subscription, and costs less than competing services charge. Real-time collaboration on Office documents is also supported by it. Only a single Mac, iPad, and iPhone are eligible for that Office license.

It is designed to be tightly integrated with the Windows 10 operating system. It’s clear when you use the company’s apps and software on the Mac and the iOS platforms. To be honest, they’re not very good, to begin with. There are cheaper alternatives that will give you more storage if you want to use the basic plan for $1.99 a month.


If you are a newbie, then I would suggest you go for the OneDrive. Because it is the best cloud storage service that is available today. If you are using the other cloud storage service, then you need to learn how to use it and how to save your files in the cloud storage.

There are many benefits of cloud storage, and most people use cloud storage for storing their important files. So, don’t forget to choose the best cloud storage for your data.

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