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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 won’t turn on for some users

Microsoft has released the successor of the Surface Pro 6, the Surface Pro 7, a few months ago. But while many users were excited to get their hands on the new variant, there is a small group of new users who are not able to use their new Surface Pro 7. In fact, the new models show no signs of turning on.

Some users of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7 tablet appear to be unable to turn the device on after setting it down somewhere on a flat surface.

In order to turn on your Surface Pro 7, you need to first wake it up: press the power button until the display flickers three times and then let go. Unfortunately, some users have reported that the Surface Pro 7 fails to turn on due to a hardware issue and that the display is permanently stuck in a blank state after it has been woken up.

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  • Reddit has been flooded with complaints from users who bought Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7.
  • Some users refuse to turn on the device even after troubleshooting.
  • Others report that the Surface Pro 7 does turn on, but the software goes on strike and crashes.
  • Microsoft’s technical support was also unable to help in this situation, apart from offering to replace the product.

We all know the feeling of a new gadget and all the excitement that comes with it. But as much as we love the feeling, we sometimes worry that the so-desired device won’t play along. Lately, some who have spent their hard-earned money on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are starting to regret their investment.

Users report that the Surface Pro 7 will not turn on

In a thread posted on Reddit not too long ago, some users who bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are already complaining about the product. According to the latter, the device cannot be turned on at all, which has led to a wave of frustration among those affected. The user who downloaded this issue cannot fix it himself, as all measures proposed by Microsoft have failed so far. The tech company may have produced a bad batch of devices that still end up in users’ homes and break down without being repaired.

That’s not the only problem with Surface Pro 7

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with this device, as there are many reports of unhappy customers. Apparently, for some users, the system crashes and doesn’t boot up after the device is turned on. The same thing happened with my first Surface Pro. I called the technical department and they suggested several solutions that I hadn’t seen online. Unfortunately, it didn’t get past the Windows logo and I had to send it back to the store. They didn’t even make it, they just replaced it. I would call the technical hotline for troubleshooting. Judging by these signs, the reliability of these devices seems increasingly questionable. Because the question everyone is asking right now is: What’s the point of solving problems if there are no results? Some users who contacted tech support for the Surface Pro 7 were told that this was due to a failed update due to a lack of memory. In the end, all cases were resolved by offering people a replacement for the defective products. One of the more knowledgeable users who has responded to this thread has suggested a solution to this programming error. Try using Rufus to create a Windows To Go boot file with the same version of Windows you are currently using and see if it boots with that file. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussionWhen you pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro 7, you don’t expect problems, right? But some buyers have reported that their new flagship device won’t turn on. Some of them mention that the device is absolutely fine when it is plugged in, but that when they try to turn the Surface Pro 7 on, it won’t. Others say that it will turn on, but only when plugged in.. Read more about surface pro flashes windows logo then turns off and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Surface Pro not turning on?

In the two and a half years since Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3, there have been plenty of problems with the tablet. One common complaint is that Surface Pro 3 batteries don’t last long. But does that mean you need to buy a new one? Not necessarily. There can be many reasons for a computer not turning on — whether it’s your computer, a virus, or a faulty battery. But what if when you plug a charger in, the computer does not turn on? What if you press the power button, but the screen stays black?

How do I force a Surface Pro to turn on?

A few weeks ago a video surfaced on the web showing an interesting phenomenon. A Surface Pro 7 won’t turn on, but instead it gets stuck in what looks like a boot loop . The video was published by some guy who calls himself “FuzzyBear” on YouTube. It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that this has happened to a Surface Pro, and Microsoft has previous taken the initiative to release a fix. A few weeks ago I purchased a new Surface Pro 7 to replace my six year old Surface Pro 4, after I discovered it was slowly dying under the weight of all my work and school documents and applications. My Surface Pro 4 had become sluggish, and I wasn’t able to do anything before it completely froze up. I installed the newest Windows update and that seemed to fix the problem, but a few weeks after that the device stopped powering on.

How do I wake up my Surface Pro 7?

A few days ago, I completely forgot about my Surface Pro 7 and I went to leave it on my desk and suddenly it turned on. I thought maybe I had forgotten to charge it last night. So I grabbed it and took it home to charge it. I figured after it was fully charged, I would go on Blend and see if it was still working. Well, it was, but I noticed that I had to keep touching the “wake” button a bunch of times to get it to turn on. I thought this was odd, and decided to do some research. I have a Surface Pro 7 that I’ve had for a few months. It’s been an excellent machine. Unfortunately, it won’t power on. I’ve seen a lot of theories about it, and they all say the same thing: unplug the device for a minute to power it down, and then plug it back in.

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