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Linkody – Backlink Management Tool Review

Linkody is an industry-leading link auditing tool that helps you find, manage, and remove dead, spammy, and duplicate backlinks in your sites. There is no other link auditing tool on the market that compares to Linkody’s features and functionality.

Linkody is a powerful access for link building and backlink management to help you create a high quality backlink profile. It is the most professional tool for you to manage backlinks and get a high quality indexable backlink from a reliable source.

Linkody is a link building tool that helps you to get high PR backlinks and high quality links from relevant sites. The backlinks you will receive from this tool include: robots.txt links, nofollow links, noindex links, social bookmarks, social media links, related links and more.

Link building is a must for serious SEO professionals and will help you grow your business quickly and with good results. There are several tools you can use to do this. But there is one aspect of link building for which there are few tools. Complexes like SEMRush or Ahrefs may have many features, but they don’t have the ability to track backlinks, check if they are indexed or see their DA, all in real time. In fact, there is only one tool that allows you to do this so quietly, and that is Linkody.

What is Linkody?

Linkody is a solo project by Amsterdam-based developer François Mommens. He began developing it in 2012. It is a comprehensive tool that focuses on link building and analysis. It offers many useful features to help you sort through your backlink situation and determine the cause of link loss and acquisition. The main feature of Linkody is mainly the reports you receive by email, which inform you about the latest changes in your backlink network. No other instrument offers this. Because it’s so user-friendly and easy to use, I think Linkody will definitely succeed. While giants like Ahrefs and SEMRush are top-notch tools, they are not as focused on link building and lack the functionality of Linkody. word-image-2370

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up, a simple dashboard will open for you, where you can add the domains you want to track. word-image-2371 After that, you can get to work getting good results. After a while, you will see your backlinks and your analytics data. This is what it looks like: word-image-2372 We work with thousands of links in our business, so I tried different tools. Linkody works for us quickly, reliably and accurately, with many additional features that ensure we are constantly monitoring our backlinks. We can see, almost in real time, what types of websites link to our Solitaire pages. Neil Taparia Founder of Solitaired.com

Characteristics of Lincody

Linkody offers many ways to analyze your backlinks. They will help you assess the situation and familiarize you with the latest trends. Moreover, you can use this data to adjust your link building strategy accordingly.

References Tab

word-image-2373 First, in the Links tab, you can see all of your backlinks, as well as a host of analytics and metrics. I think one of the features of Linkody that sets it apart from its competitors is the column that indicates whether the page is indexed in Google. It usually takes several hours to check whether a page has been indexed using the command site: in Search. In fact, no other instrument has this capability. In addition MOZ DA, Alexa ranking, country of origin of the domain, the number of external links on the page (so you can check if the page is a dubious link farm if their number seems too high). You can also display basic information such as the anchor of the link, the destination page the link points to, and whether the link is follow or nofollow. You can manually add links and easily import/export them to a PDF or CSV spreadsheet. Since this tool focuses on providing link building data, I find it easiest to use. This tool makes it easy to access all this information. With other suites, on the other hand, you may encounter problems, especially if you are not familiar with how these platforms work. And for advanced users, there are advanced filters that allow you to explore all this data in different ways. word-image-2374 Real estate, by its very nature, is a machine with many moving parts. For a company like ours, keeping things under control is a never ending task. We use Linkody because it is simply the most effective tool for our needs. The ability to look at competitors and check their backlinks is especially important for us, because we really need to know what other similar companies are doing. I find this tool very easy to use – which is great for technophobes like me – Johan Haji, CEO and co-founder of UpperKey (theupperkey.com).


The next tab is for matches. You can add your competitors and compare yourself to them. It is important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing in terms of link building, as this can give you clues as to where you can get more links. word-image-2375 Again, you get the same data as before, with the added bonus that the tool shows which links are shared between your competitor and your site. Scouring your competitors’ links for opportunities to partner with them will save you a lot of time. Finally, you can see your competitors’ landing pages ranked by the number of links, which will help you understand which elements of their content have been most effective in terms of link building. word-image-2376

Reference profile

You can now see all the important data in clear graphs on this tab. The variety of data provided is quite large. First you will see the most important anchors and anchor terms. Allows you to determine the distribution of anchor text types. word-image-2377 Then follow the metrics – Mozrank, DA and PA, and the spam score of your links. These measures will help you quickly determine the quality of your backlinks. If you notice a lot of links with a high spam rate, it’s time to step in, analyze your links and disavow them if necessary. word-image-2378 At Number for Living, making contacts is an incredibly important part of our daily work. In the past, we had to buy two or three tools to monitor, analyze and research our backlinks and those of our competitors. Because the budget this year was more limited than usual, we chose Linkody because of the different functions. For us, this meant we could get rid of a few more tools, save money and get our hands on this great tool.  Dima Suponev, CEO and founder of numberforliveperson.com You will then see the index distribution and the text/image distribution. word-image-2379 The top TLD is then listed with the geological location. word-image-2380 The following two charts are relatively important because they show the distribution of your landing pages and the number of follow/no-follow links. word-image-2381 Finally, the distribution of IP addresses and domains. word-image-2382 All of this data, especially the way it is presented in handy graphs, can be extremely useful for your link building campaigns. You can find out your situation pretty easily. Based on this data, you can then plan your next steps.


You can easily group your links using the tag button on the Links tab. From there, you can find grouped links in the Tags tab. If you prefer to organize your backlinks in your own way, that’s no problem for Linkody.

Cancel function

The usefulness of this feature cannot be emphasized. Nobody wants to have low quality and spammy backlinks. They can only hurt your website’s ranking. First, import the disclaimer from the last file you sent to Google. In the future, manage your protected links directly from Linkody. If you see a questionable link, add it or its domain to the disavow list with a few clicks. word-image-2383 You can then export your rules and upload the new file to the Google Disavow tool. That’s it, you’re done! Our company specializes in sentiment analysis and social listening. Link building is therefore an integral part of our SEO. For us, switching to Linkody was not difficult because it is affordable, reliable and has many techniques and tools to help us manage our own backlinks and accurately analyze our competitors’ backlinks and the content they provide. Mike Sadowski, CEO and Founder of Brand24.com

Tracking of landing pages

word-image-2384 Here you can see detailed information about your landing pages, such as keywords (which you have to add yourself), the number of backlinks to a particular page and the description. Use it to see if there are any problems on landing pages and fix them so you don’t waste valuable link juice.

Change log

word-image-2385 Finally, the Changelog tab. In this feature, you can view the history of the status of your backlinks. You can see if the status of the shortcut has changed recently or if it is a new shortcut. All of the above data can be exported in PDF format or in a CSV table.

How much does Linkody cost?

Here are the prices directly from their website. word-image-2386 What’s great is that Linkody offers a free 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card. And if you choose to pay annually, you’ll save three months off your regular rate. For an instrument with such capabilities, I’d say that’s pretty good. Especially when you compare it to the prices of big packages like SEMRush, it’s much cheaper. While larger platforms offer many other features, Linkody is the ideal solution if you want to focus on link building.


Linkody offers great value for money. All data is presented in an understandable way; you don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand it all. The notification feature is great. Whenever anything changes in the status of your backlinks, you will receive an email notification in real time. In addition, you can customize the reports to suit your needs. By comparing links with your competitors, you can stay ahead of them. The only drawback to Linkody is that it is not a particularly powerful instrument. If you have an agency with a large number of domains (more than 100), you may not have enough. But for anything less, Linkody works very well. For more information, see https://www.linkody.com.


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