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How to add tabs on your Windows 11 File Explorer

How has the new Microsoft Windows 10 changed the way you handle files and documents? If you use the Windows 10 File Explorer, you have probably noticed that there are now two different buttons for different types of documents on the left side: one for folders, another for files.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has made some changes to the operating systems file explorer and it’s file transfer system called OneDrive. One of the most noticeable changes is the way the File Explorer has been broken up into tabs. Previously, the tabs were simply folders with the files and folders within them organized by alphabetical order. Now, however, the tabs are broken down into different categories, like People, Favorites, Apps, Websites, and so on. I’ll be using the tabs in the File Explorer to show how to use them in different ways, and I’ll also show you how to add more tabs if you want.

While browsing the internet, most of us have come across a site that requires you to download a certain type of file in order to view it. The most common of these files is known as a PDF file. Typically, when you use a PDF file, it will open in a program that was designed to make reading and editing PDF files easier. However, the Windows operating system offers a built-in feature that allows you to add new tabs on your File Explorer and your browser, allowing you to open multiple files at the same time. This article will show you how to add tabs to your File Explorer.

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  • One of the most requested features of Windows 11 by users is support for tabs in File Explorer.
  • Although Microsoft has not yet included this feature in the operating system, users may still get their way.
  • There is a free Files application in the Microsoft Store that provides much needed help with tabs.
  • Note that the File application does not completely replace the standard file explorer, but only provides additional functionality.

Although Windows 11 has a sleeker new look, most users are disappointed that File Explorer still doesn’t support the long-awaited tabbed navigation.

For years everyone has been hammering on the need for tabs in File Explorer, but Microsoft still hasn’t done it.

But rest assured, if Windows 11’s file explorer doesn’t support tabs, there’s a file application that does.

Adding 11 tabs to Windows File Explorer

Note that this is not a Microsoft app, but a third-party app from an independent developer, and was not made public until June 2020.

Moreover, the application is not a full-fledged replacement for the standard file explorer, but it offers users what they need most: Tabs.

Since its initial release, Files has received several updates, as well as a new look that makes it look natural on Windows 11 with updated icons and layout.

Another great thing about this app is that you can also use it on Windows 10 if you want.

The Files app is also user-friendly and fits perfectly whether you use it on a tablet or a desktop computer. It doesn’t have some of the capabilities of Microsoft’s File Explorer, but it can perform a number of functions that make it unique.

Where can I get files?

The main advantage of Files over the first file explorer is that it supports tabs. This way you can navigate to different files and folders without having to open a second window each time.

Also note that this application supports drag and drop of files between tabs, and allows you to open folders and tabs by hovering over them, as shown above.

To use this feature, simply go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 device and search for the application. You can download it for free.

After installing this application, a separate file explorer will open, where you can use this coveted feature.

So until Microsoft decides to include this feature in a future operating system, you can just use this third-party application that will definitely make your work on the computer easier.

Have you already installed this application? Tell us about your experience with him in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a tab in File Explorer?

To add a tab in File Explorer, right-click the File Explorer window, and select “New Tab”.

Where is the Computer tab in File Explorer?

The Computer tab is located in the left pane of File Explorer.

How do I add to the context menu in File Explorer?

To add a context menu item to File Explorer, you can use the Shell32.dll function SHCreateContextMenu.

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