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Best long screenshot apps for Android and iOS

In this article we are going to take a look at the best screenshot apps for Android and iOS. First will be the iOS apps.

There are so many apps that can take screenshots on Android and iOS but not many can do it well. No one wants to waste time trying to take a screenshot and end up with a worthless image. Here in this article, we have reviewed a few different apps and will review them in order to help you choose the best long screenshot apps in 2017.

Although you can take screenshots with iOS and Android devices, they only capture what is on the screen. This method is fast, but sometimes you want to save or share a single screenshot instead of multiple images. Imagine you’ve found a useful tip online and want to save a copy to your phone. You can bookmark the URL, but what happens if the site owner removes the page? If the page is very long, you will have to scroll several times and take screenshots. Another example: Sometimes you may want to share a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat interface with multiple messages. Instead of sharing multiple photos, it would be nice to share one photo that shows all the posts. With a simple phone screen capture utility, you can take one screenshot at a time. The following applications can either take multiple screenshots and combine them into one image file, or take a scrolling screenshot to a point you specify.

Best long screen capture apps for Android and iOS

Screen Master

Screen Master is a photo stitching application that stitches together multiple images so that the final image looks like a long screen shot. It can save screenshots in one of two formats: JPG and PNG, and also has the ability to adjust the quality of the output image. What is the purpose of this institution? Lower quality photos require less storage space. By default, Screen Master saves an image with a filename preceded by a screenshot. You can change this prefix in the Screen Master software. You can set the order of the screen shots and change the stapling method (horizontal or vertical) before stapling the photos. With Screen Master, you can also save the entire website page as an image on your phone.


word-image-10008 Don’t get caught up in the evaluation. Longshot is a great free application that lets you take screenshots of an entire page or a scrolling application by automatically scrolling down. You must enable access to Longshot, otherwise it will not work. If you do not want to activate this resolution, you can activate the automatic Longshot shooting mode. If you enable this mode, Longshot takes a screenshot every time you scroll down the page. Once the application is done taking screenshots, the images are pasted together. As in Screen Master, this application allows you to set the quality and aspect ratio of the output image.

Extended screen recording

word-image-10009 Like LongShot, this application allows you to take a complete screenshot of a website page, regardless of its length. You can also use this application to save the website page as a PDF file. A navigation aid is integrated into this application. You need to open the page and press the floating icon with the plus sign. The user must now choose one of the three options that appear on the screen:

  • Image Capture.
  • Quick PDF.
  • Integrated PDF.

This application allows you to adjust the picture quality of the screen image.

Easy ScreenShot Master

word-image-10010 There is no auto-scroll function in this application. Floating buttons appear on the screen: one to cancel the task, one to take a screenshot, and one to merge the images. How to use Easy ScreenShot Master? The user must manually scroll through the page and press the capture button. When you are done browsing, click the Stitches button (indicated by a check mark). When you do this, the application automatically merges all the photos you took and displays the generated image (sewing result). In addition to merging images, this application allows you to edit, delete or crop a screenshot. Downloading from Play Store

Stitch It!

word-image-10011 Stitch It!, a popular screenshot sewing app for iOS, was launched on the Play Store last year. It shows the selected images one by one and has a crop button next to each image. If you don’t want to crop your photos, click the Stitch It button that appears in the top right corner of the application. You can change the order of the screenshots before you click Stitch It!

Stitchcraft Free

word-image-10012 Stitchcraft is similar to Easy Screenshot Master, in that it displays a floating button to capture the screen in the picture. Once you have taken enough screenshots, Stitchcraft will merge the photos into a single image. The application allows you to blur part or all of the image, or fill part of the image with a solid color. You can also use it to crop photos. Users can set Stitchcraft to save the original image before making changes to it. Downloading from Play Store Firefox for mobile supports add-ons and is one of the most secure browsers today. So if you don’t want to use the built-in browser program of some of the applications discussed here, you can install Firefox and the Screenshot add-on. This add-on adds the ability to take screenshots of the toolbar/menubar. An alternative approach could be to use a screen recording application such as FHD/HD. The application records everything you see. Start the screenshot function in the program and slowly scroll down. The recorder saves the video when the recording is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for long screenshot?

Google Photos is one of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store. It has a clean interface and a simple-to-use interface. Aside from that, it allows users to take a lengthy screenshot with only a single tap. The app is free to download and use. On the other hand, there are other apps that offer similar features. The old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, this is the time to prove it, and taking a screenshot of your favorite app, game, website or whatever else you want to show off looks awesome. But the question is, which app is best, and that’s what we’ll be finding out today.

How do you take a scrolling screenshot app?

To take a screenshot of something that stretches off the screen, you can use the pinch-to-scale gesture. This works for Android and iOS. The screenshot is saved in the screenshots folder under the image name. We all know that taking a screenshot on your phone isn’t as easy as it once was. The simple key combination of “Volume Down / Home” used to be the easiest way to take a screenshot, but the process has grown more complicated in recent years. There are a variety of different screenshot apps that are available to download, but which one is the best?

How do you take a scrolling screenshot on Android?

Screenshots are a great way to show off your gaming skills or share a screen recording with your friends. They are also a nice way to share content about your day with your family and friends. But one of the challenges with screenshots is taking a screenshot of a long web page. In order to do that, you need to scroll long pages and then press the Home button. This takes a little time and can be annoying at times. If you’re looking for a great tool that will help you take scrolling screenshots on Android or iOS, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the best long screenshot apps that will help you take those long screenshots on Android and iOS.

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