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14 Extensive Methods To Fix Android Phone Overheating Problem

There are a number of things that can cause the phone to overheat and the first and foremost one is the battery. If you want to know what causes Android phone to overheat, you have to look at the root cause which is the battery. Overheating has a lot of causes, but generally speaking, you will notice it when the phone’s temperature starts to rise. This is because when the temperature rises, it affects the performance of the phone.

Overheating of Android phones is a common problem among many android users. As a result, this problem is very annoying for the android users. Anyway, the following article can help you to find the best methods to fix your Android phone quickly and easily.

The smartphone has become so powerful, we can now do almost anything with it. As a result, we now carry it around all day and talk on it all night. It also makes it easy to get distracted. The longer you look at your phone, the more you realize there’s nothing much to do.

Does your Android phone often overheat during use? Or does your phone get warm while charging?

Wondering how to fix an overheated phone?

If you answered yes, then this comprehensive blog will help you to solve the overheating problem of your Android phone.


Smartphones have become more advanced than you think because they have the unique ability to perform any task.

At the same time, he also suffers from various problems, such as overheating.

Many users report that their Android phones overheat and drain the battery quickly.

Increasing the processing power and overclocking the processor speed can cause your Android device to overheat, which can cause further damage to your device.

That’s why,

It is important to know what causes your Android device to overheat and how to fix it.

Should you be worried about the situation?

In general, overheating the phone is not a good thing. You need to know what damage overheating your phone can cause to your device and how to fix it.

Your device may get stuck during use and if this process continues, the internal components may become damaged, making further access to the device impossible.

And the worst thing you can expect is for your phone to overheat, which can lead to physical damage.

In fact, users don’t know what to do if their phone overheats and won’t turn on.

So here are the facts that can really worry you.

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Why do smartphones overheat?

To know the answer to this question, you need some knowledge of physics.

Because the answer lies in a fundamental property of physics, which states that all motion generates heat.

This means that the amount of heat generated by your smartphone is proportional to the amount of current flowing through it.

If you are playing a heavy game that requires a lot of GPU power, your device will automatically heat up because it needs more energy for other tasks.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that lead to overheating in Android phones.

  • When configuring the phone after purchase
  • Use applications that require more power or battery
  • When the camera is exposed to direct sunlight
  • When downloading large files to your phone
  • When signal strength is weak
  • Multiple apps running in the background or access to multiple apps
  • If you are outside your home country or roaming
  • Charging the phone with a damaged USB cable

I’ll say,

If the phone gets warm, there is no need to worry as this is a normal occurrence. However, if it gets warmer than expected, you should be concerned.

So how do you fix these overheating problems on Android phones?

Let’s recognize them one by one….

Android Phone Overheating Problems and Solutions


You will discover what are the most common causes of your Android phone overheating.

Have a clear concept in mind and eliminate the problem.

Method 1: Stop applications running in the background

Applications running in the background are usually not visible and most users do not pay attention to them.

Since smartphones are equipped with a large amount of RAM memory, users may not understand background apps because their device runs smoothly despite several apps running in the background.

But all these applications consume processor power and heat up the device.

The only solution is to look at the number of applications running in the background.

To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Background Applications to see all applications running in the background and stop them. Limit this feature and make a habit of closing applications after using them.

If your device has the ability to limit autostart, enable this feature.

Then check the RAM used by applications by going to Settings > Memory.

Method 2: Avoid excessive use of your Android phone

Overheating of the phone is not due to a single factor, but can occur for several reasons.

We look for reasons here and there, but we forget our own habits on the phone. Regular use of the unit can cause heating problems.

If it’s true that smartphones are powerful, constant use can damage anything, so why not our phones.

Playing games or using the device regularly, regardless of usage, is the biggest culprit for phone heating problems.

It is important to note that the phones we use do not have a cooling system like computers, so it is important not to overuse the device.

Method 3: Battery problem

If your device has a defective battery, the device will become warm, which is normal.

Although the phone is operating normally due to a damaged battery, the phone is getting hot.

This means that you will have problems with Android phone overheating and battery drain.

You can check the back of the phone for overheating points.

And if your phone has a removable battery, try removing it and see who gets hotter, the phone or the battery.

But these days,

Since smartphones have non-removable batteries, you can use the built-in battery data that most devices have. Here you can check the temperature and battery status of the phone.

Just go to the dialing program and type *#*#4636#*#*. The Battery Info option appears, click it and you can see the status and temperature of the battery.

You should know that the battery of your device should have a temperature between 25°C and 40°C. 40°C is the maximum, which can only be reached with intensive use.

And if the temperature exceeds 50°C, it is dangerous and prone to failure.

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Method 4: Difficult games


Everyone likes to play games, especially on their devices.

For Android users, the Google Play Store contains millions of games for users.

But some games use more processing power than others, and when that heavy game is paired with an application, both start heating up at the same time.

Right now, games require a lot of memory and a better processor, which also requires data connectivity.

So the chances of our phone overheating during games are highest when it comes to games with a high processor.

It is therefore recommended to clear all background tasks before starting the game.

Method 5: Charge your phone properly

One of the main problems with overheating your device is that you are not charging it properly.

Generally, we don’t charge our devices properly, which significantly reduces their performance.

So if you want your device to perform better and the battery to last longer, you should always charge it properly.

Before you can properly charge your device, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These include:

  • Use the charger that came with your phone, as the use of other chargers may affect battery performance.
  • Do not use the charger while it is in charging mode. This is a bad habit and not good for the device.

Method 6: Malware removal

If your phone is infected with malicious viruses, this can also cause overheating problems.

This is because threat programs are not designed to run smoothly on these resources.

Therefore, you need to install a powerful mobile security program and an antivirus program that can scan your entire device for malware.

With this antivirus, all malicious activity is removed and you can see what types of data are removed.

Now check once if your phone is getting warm again.

Method 7: Phone overheats during a call

When you are having a conversation, you may notice that the conversation is getting heated, but why, you may ask?

This only happens with long calls. During a call, many resources are consumed and you may also experience a battery problem.

If you talk for a long time, your phone can get hot, and at the same time the moisture and heat from your hand can also heat up the phone.

The simple solution is to not call for a few hours.

Try to have shorter conversations and use headphones or speakers for longer conversations.

This prevents you from touching your device and your phone won’t heat up as quickly.

Method 8: Remove the Android box

If your Android phone has a case on the back to protect it from damage, the problem with the heater may also be related to the case.

Phone cases are usually made of plastic or leather, and all these materials retain heat on the inside and cool it on the outside, causing the Android phone to overheat.

Therefore, it is best to remove the cover of the phone and then see if the device gets hot or not.

If possible, replace it with another. And always remember that the housing should be open at the front and lighter at the back.

You can cut holes in the phone’s case or buy a cooling shell that effectively cools the device.

Method 9: Software or application upgrades

In many cases where the phone’s software has not been updated, overheating problems also occur.

So make sure your device has the latest software from the operating system manufacturer.

With this update, your device will be cooler and run smoother than before.

Don’t forget to check the installed applications on your device as well.

If the apps need to be updated, do so, as this step also causes the phone to go cold.

Method 10: Do not place the phone in direct sunlight

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent overheating problems in Android phones is to not expose the phone to direct sunlight.

Direct contact with the sun generally heats the device and becomes even hotter with prolonged exposure.

It is therefore best to keep the phone in the shade to avoid overheating problems.

Method 11: Do not increase the brightness of the screen

As with applications that run in the background, the phone may heat up when you turn on the screen brightness.

This causes the battery to work harder, generating more heat.

Therefore, to avoid this, you should buy an anti-reflective coating for your device.

Method 12: Excessive use of the room

If you use the phone’s camera for a long time, the phone may become hot.

This usually happens in high quality video recordings when the temperature rises.

Therefore, you should reduce the quality of the recordings and try to record short videos to reduce the temperature rise during operation.

Method 13: Switch off unnecessary parameters

Many people turn on Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi and leave them on even when they are not using the device.

To avoid overheating the appliance, turn it off when not in use.

This also reduces the battery life. It is best to activate the flight mode when you are not using the device at all.

Method 14: Continuous content

If you spend hours watching high quality videos on YouTube or Netflix, you will naturally face the problem of your Android phone overheating.

This is because the phone’s processor is under pressure and keeps the screen active longer.

It’s almost the same as when you play games for a long time.

Therefore, it is best to stop watching YouTube videos for a long period of time to avoid overheating the phone.

So here are some of the reasons why your phone suffers from overheating and their solutions to keep your device cool.

There are also several apps that help you keep your phone cool.

Video tutorialto solve the overheating problem on Android

Professional Android apps to cool down your phone and prevent overheating

You can get apps that cool your phone and keep your device from heating up when you call it.

They are useful and you should know them.

Cold Master

This is one of the best apps that helps to cool down your phone and prevent it from overheating.

It has several functions:

  • Dynamic overheating protection and control
  • Works with real time temperature control
  • Prevents device overheating, detects and shuts down the application
  • Analyze the CPU usage and find the application that makes the phone hot.
  • Easy operation with one-touch function


It is also one of the most powerful applications designed specifically for Android devices.

It works in the background to keep your phone cool by preventing it from overheating to its normal operating temperature.

It closes all background applications and also reduces the use of system resources in standby mode.

In addition, this application shows the current temperature of the unit in the status bar.

DeviceCooler Master

This app is known as one of the coolest apps for fixing overheating problems on Android phones.

It analyzes in real time and looks for applications that make the device hot. Very easy to use and useful for Android users, especially for devices that get hot.

When it is detected, it closes the application completely. It also frees up RAM and cache memory and improves the performance of the phone. Controlling the use of additional applications.

Unit cooler Heat minimizer

Phones heat up quickly when RAM, GPUs and CPUs are overloaded.

But with Device Cooler Heat Minimizer, it is very easy to identify the application causing the problem and fix it.

It easily cools an application that allows real-time monitoring of the GPU, CPU and RAM.


Can you fix an overheated phone?

Many users wonder how to fix an overheated phone? To solve the problem immediately, remove the cover from the phone when it is in use. It’s not just the casing that causes the phone to overheat, but there may be other causes as well. If the phone is exposed to sunlight, it also gets hot, so it’s best to keep it in the shade.

What happens if your phone overheats?

While there are some things that protect the phone and prevent overheating, the chip in the phone can be damaged if the SoC repeatedly overheats. This slows down the whole phone. This can be caused by several things, for example B. Poor Wi-Fi connection, excessive use of Bluetooth, causing the phone to heat up.

Why does my phone get hot?

Because users use many apps on their phones and don’t shut them down completely, they continue to run in the background, causing the phone to heat up. In many cases, it is also due to a malware infection. And because you use it every day, it gets hotter every day.



Overheating Android phones is a common problem, and that shouldn’t surprise us.

Everyone suffers from such problems with the heating of their appliances. So I have described some of the causes and their solutions that make Android phones hot.

I hope that everything I have discussed in this blog will help you analyze the causes of overheating, as well as tips on how to get out of it easily.

It also discusses some applications for cooling Android phones.

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Sophia Luis is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He enjoys writing blogs and articles about Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS data recovery and is always looking for solutions to problems with Android and iOS devices.If your smartphone overheats and you find it is not able for you to use your device, then there are numerous ways that you can fix it. For example, you can try to clear the cache partition of your smartphone and wipe off all data files in your phone with a third party tool. However, if you continue to have the overheating problem, then you can try to replace the defective components in the smartphone so that it does not overheat again.. Read more about how to fix an overheated phone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my overheating Android phone?

Many Android users have been complaining that their phones are getting too hot. The reason behind this problem is that the modern smartphones come with a lot of powerful hardware components, which means that they tend to get too hot. One of the common reason of overheating of an Android smartphone is overcharging. Overcharging can be caused by many factors, some of them include: If you are encountering a problem in your Android phone that is causing it to overheat, and causing you worry, worry no more. This article will show you a variety of methods that can be used to fix this problem.

How do I fix my phone from overheating?

Overheating is a common problem that affects all smart mobile devices, and it can be frustrating to fix. In this article, we will be sharing with you some tips to fix your overheating Android phone. The world is full of ways to keep your Android device in tip-top shape, from using a case and a screen protector to always keeping it on a charger and wiping it down regularly. You probably already know, however, that overheating is a very real and often under-reported problem. Maybe you even know a few ways to prevent your Android from overheating, such as keeping it on a charger and using a case. However, overheating can happen even with these precautions. When a phone gets too hot, it can cause the phone to overheat and malfunction, which is why you should learn how to prevent Android from overheating when it occurs.

Can an overheated phone Be Fixed?

Android phones are notorious for overheating, with a few of the most popular models being heat-sinks that are constantly emitting heat, so much that you can feel it under your fingers. Some models don’t even have heat-sinks, and have ‘microphones’ to increase bass and decrease temperature. In addition to overheating, many of the popular models (such as the Note9) are prone to faulty charging mechanisms that cause them to overheat when charging. Although you can purchase a case that goes around the phone to reduce the heat, the purpose of this article is to help you fix the problem yourself if your phone is overheating. If you have ever had the misfortune of having your phone die on you in the middle of an important call, while you have an important game to play, or you need to finish that important email, then you might have experienced the frustration of having your phone die before getting the chance to finish what you were doing. Although this is a rare occurrence, it can still occur, and it can happen when the phone is simply overheating due to an app or a game working too hard, or when the battery is dying on you.

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